A dash cam for every drive: Full HD video recordings as evidence to protect your car

Front camera dashcam and reversing camera for road traffic with video recordings

Dash cam videos with the car camera

With Dash cam recordings every car trip gives you irrefutable evidence that can be used in court or by insurance companies in negotiations.

This article provides information on how a dash cam can protect your recordings. It has been proven that video recordings of traffic accidents are more useful than eyewitness accounts and can even be used as evidence in court to prove the guilt or innocence of an accused person. With this device installed in the car, it is possible to create an accurate report of what happened during a car trip for insurance purposes and police investigations.

Are the Full HD dashcam recordings legal in court?

How can you make sure your insurance pays the right amount for a claim, or make sure police officers aren't making false accusations? The answer is you have dash cam video evidence. Whether it's footage of an accident or running a red light, video footage can be invaluable in many situations. The easiest way to get these types of footage is with a dash cam - and thanks to CCTV technology, they're more affordable than ever!

With the dash cam footage, you have a full account of the incident. It might sound like something straight out of CSI or The Wire, but law enforcement officers use dash cam video as evidence in their investigations every day. The simple answer to your question is yes, it can be used as evidence in court

Are Full HD dashcams equipped with G-sensor?

Yes, the Dashcam is with a G-sensor fitted. Accelerometer crash recordings and emergency room recordings are all important to capture. The recording is automatically saved in a folder that cannot be overwritten by another recording. Practicing careful but also safe driving is very useful to optimize your driving experience when driving over the pavement, through hard acceleration and braking or speed limits.

It is always surprising that when you parked the car everything was fine, but when you go to pick up the car, it suddenly has scratches, dents or even accident damage. The G-sensor records such events, in addition to the recording, further information is transmitted so that you can always say when something happened and possibly also shows the perpetrators.

Why do you need a dashcam recording in traffic?

If you're an avid motorist, then you know that keeping track of the details of your journey isn't always easy. Everyone knows this: You come home from work late in the evening and you can't remember when a red traffic light turned green. A dash cam is like a 3rd eye in the car, not only 3rd eyes can relieve you of the impossible, if you have ever been in an accident you surely know that it takes a lot of time and nerves to clear up the blame and it also dramatically can end. Most of the time, however, you don't even know whether it's your fault or not, because when the cars collide, it's not always clear what happened and you get blamed, even though you really weren't.

Another point is that you should always keep your eyes on the road while driving and continue to watch the traffic even after driving. You can look at the recordings and you will surely discover situations and details that you hadn't even noticed while driving.

Does the dash cam save videos with the rear dash cam at the same time?

The dash cam only saves the video material from the front camera on the dash cam, since the car camera is usually only active when reversing. In order to be able to see what is behind your car, to avoid damaging your car and other people, or to avoid hitting or running over small children, who are very easily overlooked due to their size, a dash cam offers together with a reversing camera a lot of safety in traffic.

Depending on the memory card, the dash cam permanently records in Full HD and overwrites old videos if the memory card is too small or has been recording for days. For this reason it is important to use a large memory card for the videos or at least to save the recordings on your PC or in the cloud every 2-3 days if you use your vehicle frequently.

Who is liable

The responsible manufacturer of these devices is based in Hamburg, Germany, and has product liability insurance. The products are EU compliant and the website has SSL to secure your personal information. This way your purchase is in good hands and you know who to contact in case of a problem or damage.

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