Peugeot rear view cameras. Already integrated in the 3rd brake light

Discover our range of Peugeot reversing cameras!

Peugeot rear view cameras. When you drive a Ford van, bus, or RV, you probably want to get used to a new driving environment. Peugeot's reversing camera is integrated into the third brake light. So it's easy to use and you can see what's behind you when you're parking or driving in tight spaces or on narrow streets.

Our reversing cameras have been specially developed for Peugeot vehicles and can be combined with a front camera, so you can see not only the rear of your Peugeot but also the blind spot. A reversing camera is a must for every driver of a Peugeot van, bus or motorhome.

A 3rd brake light with a camera is cheaper.

There is already a third brake light in every Peugeot van and bus. Why just one when you can have two? Instead of a boring third brake light on your Peugeot, you can buy a third brake light that is integrated with a reversing camera. This way you don't need an additional reversing camera to look behind when reversing - and it's easy to install! Buying Peugeot reversing cameras separately and then buying a brake light separately costs a lot, which I think is completely unnecessary.

Installation is simple and straightforward.

Our Peugeot rear view cameras simplify installation for consumers. The type of electrical installation in a car usually requires the help of an electrician. However, our products are so user-friendly that they can be installed by virtually anyone, even those with no experience wiring cars. We've designed a wiring system that works like a plug and play system, giving you the ability to make 2-way connections so it automatically turns on when you put reverse gear in. You can also switch to manual mode if you'd rather turn these features on and off manually. We offer Repair, installation and retrofitting for your Peugeot.

Peugeot reversing cameras are available with a color monitor.

If you have an existing monitor in your vehicle or a navigation system with an AV input, you can use your existing vehicle monitor or navigation system. If you don't have a monitor in your vehicle, please select one of our models: we stock flip-up, mirror and windshield monitors, as well as dashboard-mounted displays.

Manufacturer of the 3rd brake light with integrated reversing camera from Germany.

Our company manufactures rear view cameras for many Peugeot models including B1007, 104, 106, 107, 108, 2008, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 3008, 301, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 4007, 4008, 404, 405, 406, 407, 5008, 504, 505, 508, 604, 605, 607, 806, 807, Bipper, Boxer, Expert, iOn, J5, Partner, RCZ, Rifter, RePee, Traveler, and Peugeot electric car. We guarantee that there is a production ready camera that will fit your vehicle without any modifications to the existing parts. Even if your model cannot be found on our homepage - don't worry! We'll help you find the right product.

For vehicles not listed on our website, please contact us with your vehicle information. We're happy to help ensure you're happy with your selection. If you prefer a simple camera or a camera already installed in the 3rd brake light, we can do that too. These taillights are made in different ways and with LED setup or cameras in the third brake light, the production time is 7 – 14 days and they will be shipped directly to your home.

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