VW rear view cameras for VW Bus and VW Transporter

Retrofit VW reversing cameras

With our VW reversing cameras you can see exactly what is happening in the rear area when reversing or driving and this is already integrated in the 3rd brake light, suitable for almost all VW bus and VW transporter models, whether old or new! Night vision, distance lines, the camera angle is adjustable, easy assembly and 3 ways to install. With the VW reversing cameras you can park safely and easily, it ensures safety, comfort and convenience.

The VW reversing cameras serve as a third eye behind your VW Bus or VW Transporter, providing the field of vision to the rear that most vehicles without a reversing system lack. You can find cheap prices on our website autorueckfahrkamera.de. Since we are the manufacturer of the products, we offer prices that you cannot get from any other reputable supplier in Germany. With us you save money.

How does the VW rear view camera work?

It works in such a way that when reversing, the rear camera automatically turns on and you can see where you park your car.

Retrofit VW brake light reversing camera

You want to install the camera on your VW vehicle and you have the choice between the camera that you can install on the back or the camera that is already integrated in the 3rd brake light. We're sure you'd rather the install cameras that are already in the 3rd brake light, because they are much easier to install and do not require additional assembly. All you have to do is replace your existing 3rd brake light.

You will not notice any difference between the 3rd brake light before and the new 3rd brake light camera after installation. As it was made for your vehicle it will appear as it came from the factory and was already supplied with the vehicle. All features remain the same, you just get the 3rd eye as an extra feature to help you see what's going on behind your vehicle. Our VW brake light reversing camera system can also be used with other reversing monitor brands, such as: B. with the Tomtom navigation device, Garmin navigation device and other monitors with AV video input and standard navigation device.

Can I also see my trailer hitch on the reversing monitor?

Yes, you can! You can adjust the ball reversing camera to the desired viewing angle by simply aligning it with the tow hitch and also with the parking space, see the instructions for this

Installation of the VW brake light reversing camera

Normally, when installing such a rear view camera as the VW brake light rear view camera, you need professional tools or even a professional car electrician to do the installation. Thanks to our new technology, everything becomes easier. 3rd brake light camera installation has never been easier than it is today: simple installation replace the old 3rd brake light with the new VW brake light reversing camera.

After installation, you only have to set the VW reversing camera ball to the correct viewing angle, deactivate or activate the auxiliary lines. However, it is advisable to always deactivate the guide lines on the Volkswagen Bus or Volkswagen Transporter, since the reversing camera is usually mounted at the top of the vehicle rear and can show the distance line on the door behind it, which is not optimal for your parking. This is because the distance between the vehicle where the reversing camera is mounted (top of the rear of the vehicle) and the road is too great. The optimal standard distance is between 10 - 30cm to ensure an optimal distance warning.

How much does it cost to install a VW brake light reversing camera?

If you buy from us, assembly is free of charge, while with other or third-party suppliers you can expect to pay up to 600 euros for assembly alone. You also have to buy the reversing camera. The kits we supply are so easy to assemble that you don't need a third party to help you with assembly that costs too much. We also offer additional e-mail support, simply contact us by e-mail via our e-mail address or via our contact form, provide your VIN and our service team will get back to you within 24 hours with information to your chassis number.

You can find more overview of assembly in these instructions as a video available….

Completion and installation of the VW rear view cameras

Connecting the VW rear view cameras is much easier than you think, no car electrician knowledge is required. All you have to do is determine where you can connect the red connection cable from the reversing camera to the car plus line in order to switch on the camera when reversing and to lay the black cable as a connection to the minus line. If you want the VW rear view cameras to turn on automatically when driving, you need to connect the red and black wire to the reversing light, the connector is also on the back of your vehicle.

Can I also install these VW rear view cameras in the VW Golf 7?

We have suitable reversing cameras for the VW Golf 7 and we can also make a reversing camera for your VW Golf 7 and any other version of the VW Golf 7. Check here whether the products are suitable for the VW Golf 7 or as universal cameras for your VW Golf 7. All products are with declared VAT. offered.

Connect VW reversing cameras with video cable

Our video cable connector is like no other, nor like most video cables you will find on the market. If you buy such a product from another seller, connecting the video cables quickly becomes a bit complicated. With our video cables, you don't need additional power cables for your van's front monitor. You only need 1 cable to connect everything.

To make it even easier for you, you can also choose not to connect even a single cable. With us you will find a cigarette lighter adapter in the scope of delivery, with which no further connection is required. Simply lead the video cable to the front, plug it into the cigarette lighter adapter and use the red button to turn the rear camera on and off without any automatic switching.

Retrofit VW reversing cameras with video cable, but how?

Our brake light camera is offered with 2 connection options for retrofitting
– Retrofit Option 1: Connect this to the power line
– Retrofit option 2: No further connection is necessary! You simply connect the camera and monitor with just one cigarette lighter adapter. See the video instructions...

Connect VW reversing cameras wirelessly

The wireless connection of VW rear view cameras is more convenient and does not require video cable wiring throughout the vehicle. Most customers prefer wireless connection as it saves time. The wireless connection of the VW rear view cameras also does not take as long as the optional video cable connection.

Is the wireless connection of the VW rear view cameras stable?

Our radio system is one of the most stable radio signals on the market and is developed by us. A product according to this standard is put together by us, like every other of our products, in Hamburg Germany to ensure quality and function. We mostly use digital and wireless components because these radio components are stable and have a long range.

gulf version.

If you are looking for a VW Golf 7 Variant, VW Golf 6 Variant, VW Golf 5 Variant, VW Golf 4 Variant or even VW Golf 3 Variant, you can see the advantage in our shop and on our site that we have one for you Customized and special reversing camera for your existing VW Golf 7 emblem can be put together and adapted.

You can contact us with any questions you have about your vehicle. Let us help you find the right VW rear view cameras and installation process for your vehicle. We manufacture reversing cameras for many VW models, including Golf I, Golf II, Golf III, Golf IV, Golf V, Golf VI, Golf VII, Golf VIII, Polo I, Polo -II, Polo III, Polo IV, Polo V, Polo VI, Derby I, Derby II, Passat B1, Passat B2, Passat B3, Passat B4, Passat B5, Passat B6 , Passat-B7, Passat-B8, 181, Amarok, Arteon, Beetle, Bora, Buggy, Caddy, CC, Corrado, Crafter, Eos, Fox, Golf, golf-Plus, Golf-Sportsva, ID.3, ID.4 , ID.5, IItis, Jetta, Beetle, Karmann Ghia, LT, Lupo, New Beetle, Passat, Passat Alltrack, Passat CC, Passat Variant, Pharton, Polo, Routan, Santana, Scirocco, Sharan, T1, T2, T3, T3-Other, T3-Caravelle, T3-Combi, T3-Multivan, T4, T4-Other, T4-California, T4-Caravelle, T4-Combi, T4-Multivan, T5, T5-Other, T5- California T5 Caravelle T5 Combi T5 Multivan T5 Shuttle T5 Transporter T6 T6 Other T6 California T6 Caravelle T6 Combi T6 Multivan T6 Transporter T7 Multivan, Taigo, Taro, T-Cross, Tiguan, Tiguan-Allspace, Touareg, Touran, T-Roc, Up!, Vento, XL1, e-Gol f, ID.3, ID.3-E1, ID.4, ID.5, ID.5-Pro, ID.5-GTX and VW electric car, but also for other vehicles that are not listed on our homepage. If you don't see your vehicle listed - don't worry! Write us an email and we will find the best solution for you

Discover the differences when you buy from us. Your purchase from us will leave you with no more thoughts floating around in your head, with us you will receive the display and camera as a set, upgrade your car brand even after completion from the factory and create an account with us today so that you receive all the advantages be able. The results are to be proud of.

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